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For 2024 admission (R1/R2),
please stick to the current format.

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GMAT Focus Edition

The exam now is
2 hour and 15 min long
(with one optional 10-min break)
3 Sections (64 questions),

You can choose any section in any order

Quantitive Reasoning

21 quations, 45 minutes

Verbal Reasoning

23 questions, 45 minutes

Data Insights

20 questions, 45 mintues

The exam no longer includes an essay section!

GMAT Focus Edition

Question review and edit

Bookmark as many question as you want and you can change up to 3 answers per section.

Select Section Order

Take the exam in whatever section order you prefer.

Improved Score Report

Detailed perfomance insights included with each exam.

Easier Score Sending

You can now select programs after you recive your scores both at test centers and online, and each official score report will only contain 1 exam score.

Complete Details about the
GMAT Focus Edition

(45-min video - MUST WATCH for all GMAT aspairants.)

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